Golf, Official Ryder Cup pouch for Team Usa
How It Started

Dating back to the 2016 Ryder Cup, PGA Tour Professionals Jim Furyk and Matt Kuchar have trusted G-Tech Apparel to deliver heat to the hands and maximize performance during harsh conditions. Word about the Heated Pouch spread like wild-fire throughout the professional golf community and others quickly took notice. At The PGA Tour’s 2019 Genesis Open, G-Tech unveiled its patented technology to the masses with glowing reviews.


The reason why I don’t do a lot of skiing is because I don’t like being cold. Same could be said about surfing or ice fishing. Golf is a warm weather sport, which is why I made it my living. And yet there are those occasions in which we tee it up when temps dip below 50 degrees. We scramble for those ineffective hand warmers, if, for no other reason, they provide a morale boost. Which is where the comfort tends to end. That is, until now. Thankfully, G-Tech has developed the perfect product to ensure golf is always the warm-weather sport I signed up for. I'd argue, you can’t leave home without the pouch. Why would you? It’s a fifteenth club. A competitive and psychological advantage. Not unlike a dependable rain suit, rain gloves, a warm cap, thick socks or an extra pair of shoes, I’ll never pack for another trip without including my G-Tech hand warmer. I’ve gone from dreading the cold to hoping it’s cold, knowing that as we walk off the first tee, with the portable fire pit around my waist, I’m 1-up. 

Matt Ginella

LPGA Superstar Lydia ko