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G-Tech Heated Pouch

Meet the Team

Chief Master Sergeant William C. Markham

CMSgt Markham enlisted in the Air Force in June 1986. He began his career in Security Forces and retrained into Combat Control in 1992. Chief Markham has an extensive operational background to include advanced skills as a joint terminal attack controller, freefall, static line jump master and combat dive supervisor. He has deployed in support of numerous contingencies and Special Operations missions during Operations Resolute Support, Freedom Sentinel, Enduring Freedom, New Dawn, Iraqi Freedom, Enduring Freedom­Philippines, Joint Endeavor, Provide Promise and Provide Comfort. Prior to assuming his current position, he was the Command Chief, Combined Joint Special Operations Air Component - Afghanistan/ P' Expeditionary Special Operations Wing.

We are proud to announce (Ret) Chief Master Sergeant William C. Markham will now be taking over military operations for G-Tech apparel. 

Vice President of Government Operations, Quantico Tactical

The introduction of G-Tech Heated Pouch into the government and military markets will be a game changer for all armed professionals who work in harsh and unforgiving environments. For these armed professionals cold, stiff hands go beyond discomfort, they can threaten mission effectiveness or even survivability. We have never seen or felt the kind of heat capability that the G-Tech Heated Pouch provides. 


Trusted By Armed Forces

Proven to combat the most demanding conditions, the G-Tech Heated Pouch Stealth 2.0 replaces big thick gloves and disposable handwarmers to give troops more feel in the hands and sustained heat for up to 12 hours.