Stay Warm & Perform Your Best with a Baseball Hand Warmer

Baseball isn’t just a warm weather sport. In fact, many players must deal with chilly
temperatures, especially in the spring or fall. And cold hands can make
throwing a baseball and gripping a bat difficult. As a result, players are more
prone to committing errors and underperforming. Having a baseball hand warmer
not only helps you perform better but also helps warm the rest of your body.


Unlike other hand warmers, the G-Tech warming pouch puts the heat directly in the palm of
your hands with a patented heat grip. This thermal grip can be set on one of
three warming levels to deliver the right amount of heat to your hands. It’s
cold weather baseball gear that you can count on.

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Long-Lasting Warming Technology That Goes Extra Innings

Hand warmers are essential for staying warm and performing your best in cold weather baseball games. We designed our baseball hand warmer with patented warming technology to deliver the fastest, hottest, and most concentrated heat directly to your hands.


Also, our lithium, high-performance battery offers 12 hours of reliable heat before it
needs to recharge. In preparation for extra innings, we provide spare batteries, so you never have to worry about cold hands again. In fact, you can rely on all-game hand warmth with our baseball hand warmer.


Concerned about playing in the rain or snow? Our cold weather baseball gear is made from
water-resistant 3M material. And we use advanced fabric technology and premium
construction so your hands will be warm and dry. Plus, best of all, our hand warming pouches are reusable game after game.

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Get the Official Handwarmers of Major League Baseball

We are proud to supply our baseball hand warmers to professional MLB players. But our hand-warming cold weather baseball gear is also perfect for high school athletes, minor leaguers, and even spectators in the stands. With a G-Tech hand warmer pouch strapped around your waist, you will be ready for whatever the game throws at you.

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Seen on field by Bryce Harper

The G-Tech baseball hand warmer is one of the best pieces of cold weather baseball gear.

Customer Testimonial

“The hand warmer is excellent, and there is a definite distinction between the levels of heat that may be selected. The inside of the pouch is a soft, warm material which makes the hand-warming pouch even more comfortable.”

Allen S.