Heated Hand Warmer Stealth 2.0 x Realtree
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G-Tech Heated Hand Warmer Stealth 2.0 X Realtree

The Realtree Hand Warmer was designed specifically for hunters to replace gloves and disposable hand warmers. It was upgraded with camouflage and a fourth layer of down material to increase durability and heat retention inside the pouch. A flap also disguises the LED heat indicator from the environment, hence the name “Stealth.”

We currently offer two Realtree patterns: Max-5 and Timber. The pouches are made of a 600 Denier polyester outer shell fabric treated with a water repellant coating and PVC backing. Inside the pouch is a soft fleece lining that helps capture the heat while battling the harshest conditions.

The Heated Pouch x Realtree includes G-Tech's patented “G-TECH HEAT”, a heating technology that delivers the fastest, hottest, and most concentrated heat on the market directly to your hands. The Heated Pouch has been used by professional athletes all around the world including several players within the NFL, CFL, NBA, MLB, NCAA, PGA Tour, LPGA Tour. It was originally designed to keep professional athletes warm, so they could perform at the highest level possible. However, it gravitated over towards being a multi-purpose cold weather product that the everyday person could use. G-Tech's heating technology is now being utilized by a much broader spectrum of individuals. Multiple cold weather activity goers, such as hunters, fishers, campers, snowboarders & skiiers, or outdoor workforces, trust this upgraded product.


Product Features
- Patented "G-TECH HEAT" Hand-Warming Technology

- Licensed RealTree Patterns

- Adjustable Waist Strap

- Lithium Rechargeable Battery

- Waterproof 600D Polyester backed with a PVC Coating

- Up to 12+ hours of consistent heat

- Fabric: 600D Polyester

-1 Heated Hand Warmer
-1 Heated Pouch User Manual
-1 7.4v Rechargeable Lithium Battery
-1 Dual Head USB Wall Charger

Care Instructions
-Machine wash cold
-Hang to dry
-Do not dry clean, bleach or iron


1 Year Limited Warranty

G-Tech stands behind the material & workmanship of our products.


Customer Reviews

Based on 186 reviews
Gregory Tobias
Good product

I was pleasantly surprised at the warmth provided by this pouch. The only issue for me would be an extender option for the strap. Going around a heavy hunting parka, the strap is a little short.


Great purchase. Hands are never cold

Cole Gilsdorf
Great so far

I’ve had this product for about a week or 2 and I love it so far. I have baby hands so they get cold really quick here in Minnesota. If you plan to be out for more than 6 hours I would get a extra battery. Super happy with my purchase.

David Austermann
Great Gift

I am giving this as a Christmas gift but it appears to be a great product.

Dan Dotson
Almost Perfect

Everything about this product is excellent with exception of the battery life. I use it primarily for hunting and primarily bow hunting so the profile(size) is great, the outer material is durable and withstands the use and elements, its easy to use, the 3 settings are great, the inside material is nice, the zippered pocket is a good size to store a few extras, etc....It really does a great job keeping your hands where you want them. But if it is really cold the batteries at the most are only going to last 3 hours which doesn't get you that far in a hunt.

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