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G-Tech Apparel




Instant Warmth, Anywhere, Anytime.

Introducing the first-ever heated hand warmer and headed hoodie with integrated Therma-Grip technology for the ultimate warmth and comfort.

Designed with precision, quality, and care, G-Tech delivers a leading product in portable hand warmth technology. Manage heat through custom heat controls with the highest heat levels and battery life on the market. Inside the warmer is an unbeatable comfort with moisture wicking fabric to keep hands dry and cozy at all times.






Tested by the pros.

Tested and approved by some of the world’s most elite athletes, G-Tech’s portable hand warming technology is now available for everyone.

Through comprehensive research and development, the heated hand warmer has made its way through the highest levels in the NFL, NHL, NBA, PGA, LPGA, CFL, NCAA, MLB, and within the American Military Special Forces. After altering the final details to deliver perfection, the heated hand warmer now offers a longer battery life and has evolved to the heated hoodie.

"When my fingers get cold, I lose connection with the ball. The G-Tech Hand Warmer keeps my hands warm in all weather conditions. There is nothing else like it."

Bo Levi Mitchell
CFL All Star Quaterback





What People Are Saying

"My hands have been in here less than 30 seconds and they are already warm. I'll never need gloves again."

Hunting Enthusiast



"I was immediately on board when approached by G-Tech. Having security and peace of mind when dealing with an attack makes me calm throughout the day."

Veronica, Surviving with Raynauds 


“Imagine a portable warming pouch for your hands where you could get instant heat anytime, anywhere – you’ve just visualized the G-Tech Hand Warmer! We’ve tested muff-type products in the past, and most are adequate at providing a certain level of comfort. But they don’t compare to the speedy heat and grab-on warmth of this product!”
-Raynaud’s Association






For our Calgary Meter Reading crew, the G-tech Hand Warmer has been a real safety asset that we have added in the last year. The Calgary weather can change at any moment and with the winds picking up unexpectedly, having the hand warmer cinched around the waist can give the staff the added warmth they need anytime during the day.  Kelly who has been on the beat for 12 years says “I wish they came out with this product earlier. It not only warms my hands, but the pouch also keeps my core warm. Definitely, my go to work equipment when it’s below -10C”. The staff enter reads into a handheld computer and need the dexterity of their fingers to press the small buttons. When we first were introduced to this product we were hoping to help the staff stay warm, what we found was a multi-purpose piece of equipment that keeps our field staff warm and able to function safer at the lower temperatures.

Colin Baustad
Team Lead, Meter Reading, ENMAX Power Corp