Steve John - Ceo and tournament Director

The G-Tech Heated Pouch is the perfect gift for anyone hoping to keep their hands and lower back warm during the round. I couldn’t think of a better fit for our amateur contestants given the historical chilly mornings at the AT&T Pebble Beach Pro Am. I used my Heated Pouch a couple weeks ago at Bandon Dunes for Matt Ginella’s Annual golf event and loved the heat!”


The introduction of G-Tech Heated Pouch into the government and military markets will be a game changer for all armed professionals who work in harsh and unforgiving environments. For these armed professionals cold, stiff hands go beyond discomfort, they can threaten mission effectiveness or even survivability. We have never seen or felt the kind of heat capability that the G-Tech Heated Pouch provides

Red Batty - Green Bay Packers Equipment Manager

I have been in this game a long time, and I have seen it all when it comes to equipment. The G-Tech pouch is one of the best products that has ever come into my locker room. Incredible performance. Incredible Innovation.”


We’ve tested muff-type products in the past, and most are adequate at providing a certain level of comfort.
But they don’t compare to the speedy heat and grab-on warmth of this product! Hit the button for really fast
heat then grab the soft, cushy heated band in the center of the warmer – it’s like an instant hand sauna –
your frosted paws will melt in seconds!”

Stephen Coleman -Project Cold Days

"The G-Tech Hand Warmer has become an essential part of my filmmaking pack. Since there is no easy way to operate a professional camera while wearing gloves, frozen hands become part of life during outdoor filming. The G-Tech hand warmer gives my hands a wonderful sense of warmth and relief from the cold. I am attached at the hip to it, literally, during every shoot. It is an absolute game changer for filmmaking outdoors.

Colin Baustad - EN MAX Power Corp

For our Calgary Meter Reading crew, the G-tech hand warmer has been a real safety asset that we have added in the last year. The Calgary weather can change at any moment and with the winds picking up unexpectedly, having the hand warmer cinched around the waist can give the staff the added warmth they need anytime during the day.

First time using the G-Tech product. Our players loved it! No other hand warmer on the market can get hand warm instantly with a push of a button and remain hot all game

Thomas Arguello, Associate Director of Equipment, UC Davis

I ordered one for my my son who was in middle school football a year or so ago. Now in high school he just started using it and absolutely loves it in these freezing cold New England days. He is a QB. In fact all his team mates now wantone.

Christian Young, Connecticut