Therma-Grip Technology

In 2018, G-Tech’s patent was granted for our revolutionary Therma-Grip technology. Designed with precision, quality, and care, G-Tech offers revolutionary portable hand warmth. By specifically heating the hands you can create circulation that heats your entire core body temperature with a very light weight, long lasting battery. G-Tech spent over 6 months with a team of electrical engineers and product designers at MIT to perfect this technology.

G-Tech products can have a multitude of applications such as productivity gains in outdoor workforces.

Performance improvement for athletes in cold weather.

A more enjoyable experience for sports fans.

Outdoor recreation such as hunting, fishing, camping, hiking, and content creation

Medical, for those who suffer from cold hand syndromes such as Raynaud’s or Arthritis, and many more.

We invite you to explore and see how our technology can benefit you.