Eliminate your gloves to heat your hands.

We believe that G-Tech products are a 'must-have' for Hunting, Fishing, Snowboarding, Skiing, Camping, Hiking, Content Creation and just about any other outdoor activity where body temperatures can start to drop.

Hunting with the Heated Pouch



“ During our shoot with Ripzone we had to photograph and video all the athletes outside, on the mountain in -20 degree weather. When working with these cameras and equipment you pretty much have to be fast from location to location to get the most out of your days. Having the G-Tech Heated Pouch and not needing to wear massive gloves or using those shit disposable hot packs made life way easier and more efficient, there’s nothing like having the ability to control the camera an all its functions in cold weather. Having the chance to place my hands in the Heated Pouch for instant blast of heat made the shoot that much more enjoyable. And to be honest I was pretty surprised that the battery lasted the whole day in that -20 degree weather.”

- Kyle Smith, Content Creator


"The G-Tech Hand Warmer has become an essential part of my filmmaking pack. Since there is no easy way to operate a professional camera while wearing gloves, frozen hands become part of life during outdoor filming. The G-Tech hand warmer gives my hands a wonderful sense of warmth and relief from the cold. I am attached at the hip to it, literally, during every shoot. It is an absolute game changer for filmmaking outdoors.”

- Stephen Coleman, Filmmaker - Project Cold Days



"As part of a photography assignment we went to Iceland in late November. During this time of the year Iceland can be extremely cold, wet and windy and we were of course blessed with a harsh combination of all three. Luckily, both photographers had Gtech Hand-warmers which ended up being absolute game changers for us. Being photographers, we needed quick access to the camera controls and large, thick gloves don’t work. The hand warmers were perfect because we could throw our hands in them for a minute to get them back to normal and then have all the dexterity we needed for the shots. I was constantly impressed by how quick the warmers would warm up my hands and how long the batteries lasted through the day. This was an absolute game changer and will be a staple for all of our cold weather photography gigs moving forward.”

-Luke, Owner/CEO - Clandestine Media Group

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