Heated Hand Warmer Sport 2.0
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G-Tech Heated Pouch Sport 2.0

The Heated Hand Warmer Sport 2.0 includes G-Tech's patented “G-TECH HEAT”, a heating technology that delivers the fastest, hottest, and most concentrated heat on the market directly to your hands. The Heated Pouch has been used by professional athletes all around the world including several players within the NFL, CFL, NBA, MLB, NCAA, PGA Tour, LPGA Tour. It was originally designed to keep professional athletes warm, so they could perform at the highest level possible. However, it gravitated over towards being a multi-purpose cold weather product that the everyday person could use. G-Tech's heating technology is now being utilized by a much broader spectrum of individuals. Multiple cold-weather activity goers, such as hunters, fishers, campers, snowboarders & skiers, or outdoor workforces, trust this upgraded product.


Product Features
-Patented "G-TECH HEAT" Hand Warming Technology
-7.4v Rechargeable Lithium Battery
-Water Resistant Shell Materials
-Adjustable Waist Strap
-Up to 3+ hours of high heat
-100% Polyester Fabric

-1 Heated Hand Warmer
-1 Heated Pouch User Manual
-1 7.4v Rechargeable Lithium Battery
-1 Dual Head USB Wall Charger

Care Instructions
-Machine wash cold
-Hang to dry
-Do not dry clean, bleach or iron


1 Year Limited Warranty

G-Tech stands behind the material & workmanship of our products.


Customer Reviews

Based on 176 reviews
Kade Post
Infantry Review

Stealth 2.0 X Military Grade
Myself and multiple members of my Platoon have been using these heated hand warmers over the past year. These things are an absolute game changer in the winter/rainy season up in the PNW. Not only do they keep your hands nice and toasty, but are also built like a tank. They hold up to day in and day out hard infantry use. Fast shipping, packaging is great. Nothing but good things to say about G-Tech! My ONLY complaint would be for G-Tech to include an extra battery with the Military Grade version.

craig mays
Heated Pouch

Hi there, I have had my HP for a couple of weeks now, I am so happy and my life has changed. I have severe Raynauds and have unfortunately lost a digit to this debilitating disease. I was able to go out for dinner (night time) for the first time in years and not have the shear worry of my hands going into spasms and then the pain. This is so much worse if you have ulcers, but good news, no spasm, and no pain. At any stage if either of the hands were feeling cold, just placed them back in the hand warmer. My experience so far, if on medium heat, you will get approx 5 hours. I also have a spare battery on hand if required, so that’s 10 hours of security. If you have Raynauds, primary or secondary, you need at least one of the Heated Pouch from GTech.
Craig Mays

Michael Bezner
Classy Hand Warmer

Love the quality, style, and color. Great addition for playing golf in chilly weather

Seamless Delivery

Great seamless delivery and the product looks wonderful.
Well ahead of schedule for the 40+ Customized hand warmers.

Thanks, G-Tech.

Chase Estes
Comfortable and warm

Love it keeps my hands and torso warm and can’t wait to use it this up coming hunting season

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